Category: Parish Council
Published on 01 August 2017

South Wonston Parish Council is made up of locally elected Councillors and aims to represent the interests of the community, articulating its needs and wishes, seeking to maintain the quality of life and character of the area and the provision of local services. The Parish Council when at its full compliment consists of eight Councillors, who are unpaid volunteers. The Councillors are elected to offices (roles) each year at the Annual Meeting of the Council (in May).  Meetings are held monthly (except August) usually on the second Monday of the month. 

Parish Councils have a range of powers (things they can do), which is laid down in law. There is a much shorter list of duties ie things they must do.
The Parish Council looks after the interests of the Parish where empowered to do so, bringing any other matters relating to the parish to the attention of the relevant authority, trying to represent the views and concerns of the community and to help support the activities that are important to the area.  The Parish Council also provides community information and documents that are of interest to the village. It also responds to consultation documents and requests from a diverse range of other bodies and authorities.

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